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This site has been created by parents who are vegetarian and who choose to raise their child on a vegetarian diet.

Who is this site for?

Diet plays an integral role in your child's development. Whether you choose to bring your child up as a vegetarian or not, this site contains well researched nutritional and dietary information to help you and your family make healthy choices.

We have provided recipes that are tasty, creative and fun along with tips that are useful, practical and informative. Although we don’t profess to be experts in nutrition, we have garnished a wealth of experience over the years which is backed up by well informed research and a common sense approach. The information in this site is freely available for anyone to find, from multitudes of sources. Our aim has simply been to present this in way that is creative and fun, whilst answering some questions often raised.

breakfast kebab recipeSome parents try to include meat in their childs diet, but find their child isn’t interested for whatever reason. Perhaps you are concerned that they are not getting enough nutrients as a result of them not eating meat or that they are not eating enough veg. Here you will find exciting and nutritious vegetarian / vegan recipes that will tempt your children to eat well and provide them with a nutritious, balanced diet.

It is reassuring to know, for many parents, that all the nutrition we need to nurture us from childhood to adulthood, can easily be obtained from a plant based diet. On Veggie Kids we aim to inspire a new look at how we eat vegetarian foods from a young age.

The authors of this site have been meat eaters during the course of their lives and we don’t aim to sit in an ivory tower of ethical superiority. We would be happy if we could simply encourage a greater understanding and a celebration of veggie food from a young age. Good vegetarian nutrition stands on it’s own merit for what it is, healthy, tasty, fun, inexpensive and good for us all.

Please note: The information on this site is a result of the research we have carried out and from information gathered from reliable sources on the internet and various books. However if you have concerns regarding your childs health you should seek medical advice from a professional.

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